Wulf Howl is an alternative otherkin website. It contains information related to otherkin, therianthropy, and vampirism. The website's format is primarily a large forum, but it also contains instant messaging & chatting functionality among its members. Wulf Howl runs the MyBB forum software with customizations made by its administration team. Wulf Howl is owned by Shiro Ulv, a former werelist docent.

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Originally, the site started out as WereTher, a small PHPBB based forum for therianthropes. It had about 100 members at its peak, and struggled to diversify itself from other communities. It was closed on 12/24/2010 with no plans of reopening. It was then reopened as Wulf Howl in its current incarnation.


Wulf Howl has a vast array of features not commonly found on other otherkin communities. Wulf Howl's profile system includes an "Otherkin Card"; a profile box explaining each user's theriotype(s) and personal experience with therianthropy. Wulf Howl also has an instant message and live chat system, a virtual currency, reputation and rating system, and more. Shiro has mentioned plans to eventually include a usermap, articles system, and a "seperate website which integrates with the forums."


Wulf Howl's administration is directed by an administrator (known as a Sheikh). The Sheikh appoints Praetors whom function as "Super Moderators" on the site. Praetors are in charge of overseeing Guardians whom function as moderators. Members whom have over 50 posts can apply for a Guardian position via an online form. Guardian applications are approved or denied by Praetors.

External Links

Wulf Howl's Official Site

Wulf Howl's Facebook Group

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