The Werecard is an old personal profile from Alt.Horror.WereWolves.

Also considered a short questionnaire that allows individuals to share information about themselves with the larger community. First used in 1994 on AHWW.

Blank Werecard

AHWW Blank Werecard:
Fill in the following form, then post onto AHWW as an introduction.

Human Name:
Were Name:
Email Address:
Shifting Ability:
Home Territory:
Dream Territory:
Physical Description, Human:
Physical Description, Were:
Human Career:
Favorite Movies:
Favorite Were-movie:
Favorite Literature:
Favorite Were Literature:
Favorite Art:
Favorite Were-art:
Favorite Quote:
Favorite Were Saying/Quote:
Favorite Personal Quote:
Favorite Song/Band(s):
Favorite Season:
Favorite Holidays:
Preferred Prey:
Hunting Tips:
Preferred Method of Attack:
Favorite Non-Were Mythological Beast:
Feelings Toward Vampires:
Feelings Toward Normal Humans:
Personal Therianthropy: (This is probably the most important part
of the card.  What we're after here is a few paragraphs explaining
what your Therianthropy means to you, how it fits into and affects
your life, your goals, etc.  Tell us about your first transformation /
realization of your were nature.  Describe the Therianthropy myth as
you see it.  And so on...)
"What are Werecards?" AHWW FAQ

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