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How it became by WhiteMoon

Hi, names Angela.. but just call me WhiteMoon. I'm not sure where to start my story and life of being a wolf therian so far.. I think maybe we could start at the starting line of my life- where it all started? I think that would be a great idea, plus it could help us young therians and/or otherkins to learn more or get an idea of it. Good luck to each and everyone of you out there!

Long ago when I was real little,i lived on a farm in the forest and i still do today. Now on this farm we had horses , chickens , fish, ponies, turkeys, a bunny, dogs, a wolf, and cats. But after the animals had died off from old age.. the only animals we had left were the horse, pony, fish, one turkey, dog, wolf, and many many cats still. I always stay out side watching how they lived, played, hunt, eat, and rest. Because I stayed out side was because I felt like there was an connection with me and the cats- a strong connection. Soon enough i tried acting like a cat but i didnt realize "cat" don't fit me very well - even tho i lived with them for long, long time.

After many days.. I had just realize that im no cat. Quickly i was taken under the paws of another wolf, Cody- a pet wolf.. Im not sure how but he could talk to me.. and i can understand him clearly- the cats i could not understand at all- i heard nothing but meows, purrs, growls and hisses, and some mews from kittens. Just right then I knew I was a wolf, I had a strong feeling in me that made me able to understand another wolf. I had learn to howl, know the type of wolves, ranks of a pack (Alphas beta omegas- im not sure if im right about those cus it been many years), what wolves would eat, how to be a strong leader/alpha of a pack.. I learn so much just from him with out saying it in human words but in wolf words. After two or three years he had been put down forever. It was heart braking for me and his bestest friend, Zodiac (a tom cat who has a pelt like a lion and also leader of the cats of the farm).

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