aka whiteMoon

  • I live in Boiling Springs PA
  • I was born on December 15
  • I am female
  • WhiteMoonTheWolf

    Still working on it XD

    How it became by WhiteMoon

    Hi, names Angela.. but just call me WhiteMoon. I'm not sure where to start my story and life of being a wolf therian so far.. I think maybe we could start at the starting line of my life- where it all started? I think that would be a great idea, plus it could help us young therians and/or otherkins to learn more or get an idea of it. Good luck to each and everyone of you out there!

    Long ago when I was real little,i lived on a farm in the forest and i still do today. Now on this farm we had horses , chickens , fish, ponies, turkeys, a bunny, dogs, a wolf, and cats. But after the animals had died off from old age.. the only animals we had left were the horse, pony, fish, one turkey, dog, wolf, a…

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