Last night huge storms blew in, and a friend wants me to date as of last night. Personally I am kinda hoping my friend also wants to be my doner for my vamp side. It seems like I havn't had blood in awhile, so It is begining to get to me. As for my Therian side I told a random girl today I was a Therian, and she seems okay with it. Personally, I wish my parents were okay with me. I hate being so secretive around them, and I wish to tell them I'm Pagan, but their bible permits me too. Because it states witches are all evil, which we are NOT. And my parents believe everyword of that old thing. Sucks if you ask me, and I can't get on Therian sites at school at moment. Man do I wish I could chat with my Therian friends and be myself again.

Blessed Be everyone,


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