Hello my name is Feylon or Fey if you're my friend. I am a swift fox therian and I want a pack. I was part of a wolf/fox/coyote pack that split up and we have stopped talking. I have been a "lone wolf" for a while now and I am beginning. To get tired of it. I hate being alone. I am going to start a pack, so if there is anyone else who is looking to join/start a new pack I would love to have you. I have not thought of a name yet, and I do not want to be the Alpha if I do not have to, though I would like to be a Beta. However, if someone else is staring a pack or wants a new member, please let me know. The pack I am starting will be open to all therians/otherkin. I will not discriminate against anyone. I am not a very good leader, which is why I do not want to be alpha, but I will try my best. I can be very awkward when I comes to talking and having conversations, so I'm very sorry if I tend to not talk much. But believe me, I will try. If you are socially awkward and act the same as me, I won't be upset. This pack is just to bring all therians and otherkin together, it doesn't matter what they are like. I am also supportive of any member of the LGBT community as well as any religions. I live in Northern Alabama and would love if members of my pack lived close by so we could meet up, though you are welcome in my pack no matter where you live. My email is and I also use that for Google Hangouts, which is a great way to communicate. I would give my phone number, because that would be a much easier way of communication, but at the current moment my phone is broken, though I am getting a new one soon. Thank you for reading this and I hope that you will contact me if you would like to join my pack. I would also like it if someone would suggest a name because I honestly cannot think of anything.

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