• Manglethepiratefox

    New pack?

    May 13, 2015 by Manglethepiratefox

    Hello my name is Feylon or Fey if you're my friend. I am a swift fox therian and I want a pack. I was part of a wolf/fox/coyote pack that split up and we have stopped talking. I have been a "lone wolf" for a while now and I am beginning. To get tired of it. I hate being alone. I am going to start a pack, so if there is anyone else who is looking to join/start a new pack I would love to have you. I have not thought of a name yet, and I do not want to be the Alpha if I do not have to, though I would like to be a Beta. However, if someone else is staring a pack or wants a new member, please let me know. The pack I am starting will be open to all therians/otherkin. I will not discriminate against anyone. I am not a very good leader, which is …

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