• Abi112792

    It all started with a single laugh, a single text.

    Now it is seeped in heartbreaks, secrets, and a realization.

    A realization that I can never have her, never will.

    Goddess why can't I have her?

    Why must I love her so?

    Is there any such hope for the imprint that was never meant to be?

    Her very presence lures me in like a demon in its purest form.

    I love her, and she loves me.

    Yet, she also loves him the Nate of Nates.

    She is so sweet and so angelic.

    Her laughter is like bells, oh sweet bells.

    Could she be an angel, could she be a demon?

    Alas I do not know.

    She lures me in like the most posionous of frogs.

    This Caroline of the Carolinas...

    Her looks are so hypnitzing, and her skin is as pale as snow.

    Her hair is red, like the most precious of blood.

    I love …

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