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July 8, 2013
  • I live in Boiling Springs PA
  • I was born on December 15
  • I am female

Therian Meme meme by(Susano-Reburn  *DA*) Filled in by( me)

Hello, I believe introductions are needed. Who are you ad what is your Spirit/Totem?Edit

Hi am Angela M Yinger, and please call me WhiteMoon :D! I am a very kind, brave, loyal, can't get scared easy, friendly, and sometimes a shy wolf pup. Im a arctic wolf pup but i can't wait to have my fur be white  after i grown out my pup fur! 

How long have you known you are a therian/Otherkin?Edit

Uh.. hm.. let me think for a moment.. I known I was a therian for 1 month and 2 or 3 weeks? Im not sure. But I did know i was not just human, at first when i was real young - I thought i was a house cat. I was wrong and found out I was a wolf pup after my pet wolf Cody told me so and helped me learn a bit more.

What sorts of dreams to you have about it?Edit

I have plenty of Dream shifts! just go check to my youtube account, WhiteMoonTheWolf11 and hear about my dream shifts.

Have you shifted yet? If so, how was your first shift?Edit

No.. I have not done a full shift yet but i have/do/ Ph shift(first type of shift i done), Mental shift, and Dream shift. My favorite type of shift is PH, dream and mental shift- but I really want to do P- shift! I believe it can be done- just gotta try and believe you can do it.

How often do you shift?Edit

Not enough! I love to shift ever moment of my life! One time in Walmart i had done PH- ears and tail while i was at the canine area. People be like stairing at me and pointing. Little kids be like; doggie! or I want dog! - i was surpized when people start to stair and point.

Does you're family know? If so, how did they react?Edit

I'm not sure if i should tell them or not..

What sort of obvious animalistic behavior do you show in public?Edit

Here i'll list em; 

- Snarling/growling/barking/whinning/howling/rarely barking(sometimes just for fun)

-shake water off of me

-be so happy when see meat XD

-be like; aww ya.. pets.. i love being petted <3 

Do you have a Pack/Herd/Pride/Clan?Edit

I do have a pack and i dont have a pack. My pack is from  my dream i had and i found one person who shares that dream with me. but i am in a pack until my pack forms.

How about a mate or life mates?Edit

No, I don't have a mate or "life mates"

What usually happens when you are around you're pack and mates?Edit

again... I don't have a pack or mate!

Therian's are often mistaken or called furries. How do you feel about this?Edit

I don't mind but it does insalts me.. but they who do so gotta learn.. 

therians/otherkin;  animal <- human

furrys; animal -> human

Do you have anything you consider treats?Edit

ya hell i do. FRUITS <3 

How about favorite pass time?Edit

drawing, writing about my life as a therian or this, video games, being on my laptop, playing world of warcraft, chillin in my room, walking out side, going deep into the forest, taking care of animals on my farm.

Is anyone else in your family Therian/Otherkin?Edit

My dad is a timber wolf - he died tho in 2008/ march 18th or 17th - when i was in 3rd grade

Any last comments or tips for anyone?Edit

Just be yourself

Don't let people get you down

Keep believing in what you want to believe in

Don't give in or Don't give up

Sooner or later you time will become to be true

You are strong and don't let no one else tell you different!                ~ WhiteMoon

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