Now defunct website. An archived site is available, but not all of the links work. Materials (brochures) are not available for download.

THETA sought to be a resource for non-human identified people (therianthropes, otherkin, and similar groups) who were seeking therapy (for identity reasons or any other reason), and looking for information to make their therapy experience a better one. THETA's goal was to have resources for people who wish to educate their therapists about non-human identity, and a resource for therapists to learn more about non-human identity.

It was also a place where non-human identified people could share their experiences with therapy. People were encouraged to leave reviews about therapists and doctors.


The site featured a page titled "Research" which featured "professional literature and studies that have been done on non-human identifying communities." [1] The works listed on the page are still relevant to the Therianthropy community and are often cited.

For Therapists

Covered topics included:[2]

  • What is “therianthropy”? What is “non-human identity”?
  • You are physically human. What makes you identify as non-human?
  • Why would therianthropes and otherkin seek therapy?

Website Archive Link

Main Page:


  1. Research Page, THETA
  2. For Therapists Page, THETA,

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