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Therian Nation is an ongoing project started by Wolf Daughter in 2016. Therian Nation is an educational Youtube channel created in response to all of the "teenwolf" and cringe videos which were more prevalent than factual information on Youtube. Wolf Daughter saw the need for a professional and adult approach to sharing information about Therianthropy. The videos are public and easily accessible for new and old Therians, and anyone interested in learning about Therianthropy. The pseudonym Shannon Jackson was created in the hopes that the videos would also appeal to a normal human audience.

The popular blogging site Tumblr, is infamous for is misinformation. A Therian Nation blog was also created to help spread more accurate information about Therianthropy on Tumblr.

Therian Nation also seeks to renew the interest in the history and research of the online Therian community by gathering links to archived websites and essays by older members of the community. This in the hopes of returning to the roots of the Were/Therianthrope community.

The rough drafts of scripts are posted to many of the community forums in order to seek peer review before the videos are recorded and shared. Finalized written scripts are shared publicly through Google Documents.


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On February 27, 2017, Therian Nation created a questionnaire on Google Forms titled " Is there a correlation between animality and enjoying the outdoors?". ( ) This is an ongoing survey that is open to responses.


Therian Nation Youtube Channel

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