Pages on people should only be made if they are considered somewhat important and have made notable contributions to the Therianthropy community.

What is Notable

  • It is NOT notable to simply be the admin of some forum on proboards, there are many of these, and most have under 20 users. (The forum can have an article, but not the person)
  • It IS notable to be the founding admin of a forum which has hundreds of members and has been popular for over a year. (see Coyote (Werelist admin))
  • It is NOT notable to have a tiny website on geocities with some info, lots of people have that. (The site can have an article, even if it's not particularly notable)
  • It IS notable to have several massive websites which are linked from hundreds of websites, especially when the owner is well known. (see ShadowMyst)
  • It is NOT notable to have made a few posts on TrueForm or something and have someone tell you you are a "cool joe".
  • It IS notable to have coined several phrases which are used within the community now, and be known in many places as an extremely knowledgeable therian. (see Word Wolf)

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