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Tantric Vampires, otherwise known as Sex-Vampires(some have styled themselves Incubi and Succubi) have a strong preference for feeding off of sexual energy. What that means, is that they need sexual partnerships to remain stable for long periods of time, or, in more extreme cases, sexual intercourse. As the name suggests, a Tantric vampire can create the desired energy through tantric-style ritual, deep meditation and/or vivid visualization. Many tantric/sexual vampires will feed off energy from a romantic encounter or interest, without the need for sexual encounter or excitement. This typically ventures into the realm of psychic vampirism, but is still practised by many tatric vampires.

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Sexual vampires are vampires who feed on the life-force energies generated from having sex, especially the excess energies generated at the moment of orgasm. They can do so psychically and/or from bodily fluids. Female sexual vampires are sometimes referred to as succubi (singularly, succubus), and male sexual vampires are sometime referred to as incubi (singularly, incubus). Some will also refer to sexual vampires as tantric vampires. Others will refer to sexual vampires as pranic vampires. There is sometimes debate within the vampire community if referring to sexual vampires as pranic vampires is correct or not as there are some within the vampire community that refer to psi vampires as pranic vampires, which could lead to some confusion when talking about pranic vampires. Those that support referring to sexual vampires as pranic vampires argue that pranic energies and prana are two different things, and that pranic energies are energies related to sex while prana is just life-force energies. There are those that think the use of the labels tantric and pranic in reference to sexual vampires is an attempt by some within the vampire community at political correctness who feel that the term sexual vampire is derogatory and/or offensive or simply think that tantric and pranic "sound" better than sexual. However, it is also possible that those who use tantric or pranic when talking about sexual vampires are doing so to differentiate them from any link to behavioral psychology which seems to also be co-opting the term sexual vampire to describe a person who has a psychological need for attention (much like a psychic vampire) through sex.


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