Factuality: Though species dysphoria has been a topic discussed in the community, it is not related to and its origins are separate from gender dysphoria. Conflation of the two is not only incorrect, it is harmful to both the LGBT and the Therian community's. This article needs more specific relevance to the Therian community, simply saying "oh its like gender dysphoria" is lazy when there are specific community references to be unearthed that show the terms unique origins.

The factuality of this article, "Species Dysphoria", is in question.

This article contains information which is unproven and highly questioned. The author does not cite adequate references or sources either. Don't believe everything you read.

Species Dysphoria is a condition in a person feels that their body/species does not accurately reflect their inner identity, and as a result experience discomfort or confusion. Many therians could be described as experiencing this, though many are comfortable in their bodies despite their identification with non-human animals.

Unlike Gender Dysphoria, which is a conceptually similar condition, people with species dysphoria do not have the brain structure of the animal they identify as (if they identify as a specific one at all), whereas those with gender dysphoria do.

Species Dysphoria is commonly related to therianthropy, and many therians use it as a way to describe their experiences, however: many more therians do not use this term, and may not feel that they have true species dysphoria.

Note that Species Dysphoria is not recoginzed by Scientists nor Psychologists as a legitimate disorder, whereas Gender Dysphoria is.

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