Sensory Shifting (Se) is also known as a Sense Shift. This is considered to be different from a mental shift, but can occur along with a mental shift or other types of shifts. During this shift, a Therian's senses become more like that of the theriotype. The Therian may feel somewhat animalistic and alert.

Sensory shifting does not make senses more powerful. Instead, a focusing of attention on a certain sense, such as smell, can allow a person to pick out more smells than usual. It is important to note that this is a heightened focus or awareness rather than a heightening of the sense itself. Our senses may feel more keen during these times of focus, but these shifts do not increase perception beyond the physical limitations of the human body.

Hypersensitivity is a similar experience which can also occur in humans for various reasons. This is why a person should not identify as a Therian due to a few shifts alone. Identifying as Therian is an accumulation of years of non-human experiences.

See also: Shifter's Disease

Sensory shifting can be helpful in determining a theriotype, as species of animals rely on some senses more than others. Ask yourself what senses are most prevalent during a shift. Canines, for example, understand the world primarily through smell.

Full List of Therianthropic Shifts

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