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Sanguine vampires, or Sanguinarians, are people who gain their energy from either human or animal blood. Often, Sanguines are born with this condition, but there are very few cases in which a person may receive this condition during their life. Most vampires struggle with their cravings, and ignore them. The reaction to this is a minor headache or fatigue. Sanguines become aware or in touch with this condition, and become "Awakened". This may take from a day to a few years, depending on the person. Usually, Awakenings occur during the puberty stages of life. During that time, Sanguines get powerful cravings for blood and sensitive to certain lights. Their minds will start to develop, think, and react quicker. Their muscles will be growing but become quicker than average. Their physical speed will increase as well. This is due to an increase in the number of red blood cells produced by the Sanguine. This reaction may occur from being more aware of their condition, and therefore feel more drained of energy. Most blood is taken from a donor. There are not many Sanguines in the world; however, the community continues to thrive and grow.

Lifestylers Edit

Lifestylers are people who are interested, fascinated, or drawn to the idea of drinking blood. Reasons may vary from person to person. These may include a psychological disorder, sexual fetishism, and so forth. They are also labeled as Bloodists, a term used for someone who intakes blood. These people often do not need to actually drink blood to gain energy.

Media Edit

In popular media, vampires are blood-sucking creatures that burn to flames, sparkle in the sun, cringe at garlic, and have large canine teeth for biting people; such examples include Dracula, Van Helsing, Under World, Lost Boys, and Interview with the Vampire. Contrary to popular belief, real Sanguines aren't affected by these items.

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