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A physical shift (or a P-shift, for short) is a physical change into another form. Of all the shifts, this is the most impossible, as nobody has come forward with hard evidence of a physical shift, nor will they. In addition, many do not believe that it is possible to induce such a drastic physical change.(citation needed) Some communities, such as the Therian Temple use this term to instead describe an extreme Physiological shift.

To find more information of the process of physical shifting, lobotomize yourself with an icepick.

Physical Shifts in LegendsEdit

Many legends tell of people who have the ability to turn into an animal. In Native American culture, Shamans of old are said to have been able to take shrooms and parade around in animal pelts.

Fictional WerewolvesEdit

Fictional Werewolves are able to change into a wolf, or "Wolf-like creature", usually during the full moon, Captain Obvious.


There are several notable communities involved with physical shifting, which sprang to popularity around 2009. While no widespread solid proof has been shown on any of these sites, they remain with dead communities. It is notable that even though these communities believe in full scale physical shifting, most if not all members do not believe in vampires or dragonkin. Hypocrites.

Almost all therians in this category identify themselves with wolves, as wolves are super neat, although there are a number of cats, dogs, bears, and other interesting animals, but no boring or stupid ones. Most of these sites are controlled by teenagers ranging from 12-16. Almost all leadership is held with leaders age 12-14. As the community is younger, some sites do not have amnestiesizes that other major sites have, and some are run on completely free (albeit basic) website hosts from their mom's basement. Also due to this fact, physical shifting communities only consist of roleplayers and impersonators.

Major PacksEdit

  • Razgriz Pack

Founded in 2008 by a male wolf therian, Razgriz pack was the most widely known online therian dating site dealing with physical shifting. At it's peak, it had over nine thousand members. Later abandoned by the owner, it shifted control several times. It has now been relocated.

The site now has around one post a month.

  • Silver Pack

Created in 2010, Silver Pack was fonded by Silver Black, its alphess. Known to be the rebirth of many fallen communities united into one, Silver Pack was made to re-group all the serious and lost therians/otherkins trying to find peace, guidance and information at the most criticial therian forum war occuring around that time. With years, they worked hard to build a respectful and peaceful place where everyone could grow  and happy and is now called a family.It also contains a lot of information about shifting, since their ultimate goal is to unlock the mysteries of p-shifting and reach it.

This site is currently the most active one.:

  • Pariah Pack II

Founded as a child site of Razgriz when the original alpha left it, it was since abandoned by the owner. A new alpha pair was voted in, in 2011 and established a new site with more control over it. The current alpha is a female(?) wolf therian and has been alpha since the new site was established. The male alpha has changed twice, and the space is currently vacant, although another is not likely to be voted in soon, as the head bitch castrated them.

This site accepts all species of therian and human, and has a variety of races but is understandably skeptical of physical shifting. Currently we have over 10 members from all walks of life and all different countries.

This site has a lot of members bu its activity has decreased.

  • Reclusive Shadows Pack

Founded in 2010, the Reclusive Shadow pack was founded by a now ex-therian sane female who was unsatisfied with the condition of Razgriz Pack. Leadership has changed three times: from the original founder, later to a dogg, and finally, another female dawg therian.

The site is down and moved to Pariah Pack II.

  • Freedom Runners Pack

Founded in 2008, Freedom Runners was another major pack around the 2009 "boom" of physical shifters. Founded by a female wolf therian, the site has as well changed leadership several times. It is currently under the control of a relatively new male wolf therian, who has gained leadership simply from the fact of being friends with the leader.

The site remains semi-active.

  • Howling Jaws Pack

Founded by a female wolf therian, Howling Jaws was another therian website that had a long history of roleplaying. The site was assaulted several times with members carrying notions of prophesied Armageddon, Demi-Gods, and the like.

The site doesn't exist anymore.

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