Physical Shift (PS or p-shift): The transformation of a human body into the physical shape of another creature. There is no scientific evidence for this type of shift ever happening and no reasonable evidence that it ever could. The Therianthropy community agrees that physical shifting is impossible.  

See also: Therianthropic Shifts

Physical Shifts in Legends

Many legends tell of people who have the ability to turn into an animal. In Shamanic cultures, Shamans are able to become animals in the spirit realm during trance-like states known as Shamanic Journeys. These experiences are real, but no physical shifting actually occurs. What likely has happened, is that lay people have misunderstood Shamans as they speak about their spiritual exploits, and have mistook spiritually becoming an animal as physical shape-shifting.

Related Reading

"Why Physical Shapeshifting is Bollocks" by Lupa, The Green Wolf, July 6, 2012.

Theri There from 2007-09-28: "Perils of physical shifting" by Orion Scriber. Caption: “Perils of P-shifting: Parts of your body that you shaved in human form– may stay shaved!” Image link:

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