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Pariah Pack is a forum/community site established on October 15th 2010 by Blaze, former owner of Razgriz Pack, Blaze. The use of the word 'pack' is admittedly a poor choice, but like the tagline and colour scheme, became traditional after the construction of the first site, and so is still included.


In early 2011 it became apparent that Blaze had left the site and as had all of the members with any kind of authority over the site. Despite this, the site still had active members, although there were several spambots and roleplayers who could not be removed. After deliberation, it was decided two new admins should be voted for, and they would create a new site based on the same format. A female and male wolf therian, going by the names ShadowWalker and Maestro were voted in.

They created the new site, and the community was successful. Maestro left in 2011, due to personal reasons and was replaced by the male beta, Shade. Shade was demoted in July 2012 due to fears that the job was too stressful for him, and he since left the site. The second administrator role was eventually taken up by Moon fang, with several other administrators and moderators forming the staff.

Social Media and CommunityEdit

Pariah Pack has both a youtube channel and a facebook page. The youtube channel is open for videos from any member of the pack. All of the mods and admins of the site can be reached over Skype and/of Facebook at any time. Interestingly Pariah has what is referred to as 'the sub-pack' or 'the core group'. This is a changing group of around 10-15 members who are in close contact with each other. Some of this group have met. Almost every one of the mods and admins is a member of this unofficial group. There is talk of future meet ups.

One of the biggest ways Pariah members (Often refferred to as Parians) keep in contact, not only through the site, is through Skype, particuarly voice calls and normal chats. There are also scheduled 'movie nights' where a chosen movie is watched on live stream whilst a voice chat is on going.


  • The site has a youtube channel, ( ) and a facebook page.
  • The pack is known for not being particuarly serious, but if confronted by sceptics and trolls, will work together to get rid of them and remove posts. - although they have the habit of attempting to trick trolls and play around with them before deleting.
  • The staff uses the titles 'Alpha' 'Beta' 'Delta' as a humours reference to their origins as a dubious cyberpack style site.
  • Several of the members have met.
  • Omega is used as a mock punishment for bad behaviour, resulting in the mockery of the pack and demotion to a limited member.



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