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Contherianthropy (contherianthrope or contherian) is one of the sub-categories of Therianthropy. These Therians do not experience mental shifts, but are always in a state of both theriotype and human at the same time (passive).

"I bring forth then contherianthropy, adding 'con', from Latin 'contas', meaning unchanging. The unchanging is that of the single mixed agent and it's continuous perception. This then gives the single mixed agents a category, instead of a twisted definition of the parent." Joshua Lion Templin, 1997.[1]
"In the case of the contherianthropes, the agent (soul or brain) is singular, with sections or routines that mix the values of human and animal. This then allows the contherianthrope a singular perception of the world .. with no shifting. But this is vastly more complex to define than a therianthrope's. Like the separation of the therianthropes, contherianthropy is a realization of a finer melding of two dissimilar value systems, again, human and animal." Joshua Lion Templin, 1997. [1]
"A Short View on Modern Contherianthropy" by Joshua Lion Templin, January 19, 1997. First in a 4 part series, this was originally posted to AHWW.

"Fun with Faith - The Fallacy of Therianthropy" by Joshua Lion Templin, February 16, 1997. Second in a 4 part series, this was originally posted to AHWW.

"Proving Individual Contherianthropy" by Joshua Lion Templin, February 23, 1997. Third in a 4 part series, this was originally posted to AHWW.

"Building Blocks to Contherianthropy" by Joshau Lion Templin, May 11, 1997. The final essay in a 4 part series, this was originally posted to AHWW.

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