Cladotherianthropy (cladotherianthrope or cladotherian) is a subcategory of Modern Therianthropy in which a Therian does not identify as a distinct species, but instead feels a broader identity encompassing an entire genus or family, such as Canis or Canidea, or a larger grouping. Cladotherianthropy was coined in 2003 by Mokele, a reptile cladotherian, on the therian forum called Wereness Forums." [1]

"I’m a reptilian cladotherian, a type of therianthropy which has only recently been described and named (see the essay section for more details).  It’s complicated, but the shortest explanation I can give is that while, like some other therians, my soul has two parts, human and non-human, in my case the non-human part is not species-specific, but rather the collective essence of the entire reptilian lineage.  So, while the part of my soul that is not human is a single animal-side, it has elements of everything Reptilia is, was, and potentially can be.  And if this sounds complicated from the reader’s perspective, imagine trying to figure it all out inside your head." [2]
Cladotherian comes from the Greek words klados meaning “branch” and therion meaning “animal.” The klados prefix was originally chosen by Mokele because in scientific terms, a clade is a group of organisms believed to have evolved from a common ancestor, and all its lineal descendants, according to the principles of cladistics.

Recommended Reading

Cladotherianthropy, House of Chimeras, July 20, 2011.


  2. Mokele, About Page of Personal Website, The Jungle, February 14, 2014.

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