The Cameo Shift (CS) is when a Therianthrope experiences a shift related to an animal that is not a known theriotype.[1] This could be a mental or phantom shift, possibly other types of shifts as well. Cameo shifting seems to have first appeared in Alt.Horror.Werewolf discussion in 1999. [2]

Cameo Shifts and Polytherians

Many Therians who are only just learning about Therianthropy may confuse Cameo Shifts for true theriotypes, resulting in Therians who think they are a five- or six-theriotyped polytherian when they actually may only have one or two true theriotypes.

It is important to consider that a Cameo Shift could be due to either a spirit animal, being Otherhearted, or that it occurred due to a completely human sensation.


Some therians believe that all shifts that a therian experiences are related to a theriotype. They explain cameo shifts as a shift that is either imagined, or as a shift related to an animal that is, in fact, a theriotype of the therian that just happens to not express many shifts.


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