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Astral Shift (As) occurs most often during sleep or when a Therian enters a spiritual trance, travels out of body to the astral plane (spirit world), and shifts his/her astral body to the ‘form’ of a non-human animal.

See also: Therianthropic Shifts

This is similar to astral projection. More information coming soon.

It is important to note that there is no proof of auras, astral travel, or out of body experiences. We do need to be aware that there are alternative explanations to astral, aura, spiritual, and bilocation shifting. They may not necessarily be spiritual in nature, but could be explained by ordinary events. Astral shifts could be the result of our brains trying to process the surroundings and the effects of sensory fatigue, a well documented effect which is at work in those able to perceive common optical illusions. Seeing auras or outlines around people and objects can simply be due to eye fatigue and other perceptual processes. [1] [2]


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